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Vexika Part 3

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Character Profile: Vexika

  • 2010 Vexika Art Contest Winner - Miranda's Pick

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Michael Lane

Coerced into being experimented on by a rogue D.A.R.P.A. scientist - she is the only stable and successful test subject of the program.

Her only flaw is that the nanoids coursing through her body must continually be fed the exotic material originally infused into the nanoids. Therefore, she must hunt down the deranged Failed Rejects of the project to feed her own fatal nanoid build-up.

Siphoning a Failed Reject's or even a cloned ninja's nanoids will last Vexika sometimes just an hour, a day, a week - sometimes a month. Her ultimate goal is to defeat FR#0 thinking he has enough nanoids to cure her forever.

Untrained (but practicing everyday!) - she is amazingly strong and agile - only the government, her boyfriend and the Failed Rejects know of her existence.

Sometimes called upon by the government for highly covert missions - Vexika can typically be found tracking down the next Failed Reject through anonymous tips from the Internet - to siphon off their nanoids.

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