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Vexika Part 3

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Character Profile: TCNA - The Cloned Ninja Army

The Cloned Ninja Army Logo Patch

Clones of Failed Reject #0 - each witless clone has been subliminally taught the ways of the ninja.

TCNA - The Cloned Ninja Army

Augmented with just a small spot of nanoids from FR#0 to make them more durable than the average, um, ninja - they unquestionably do the bidding of their master.

As a bug in the original cloning/subliminal program FR#0 stole, the only emotion conveyable during the cloning process for their eventual target Vexika - is love. Unable to correct the problem, FR#0 has found he is able to successfully override this emotion using another emotion - fear.

They sell Honorary TCNA T-Shirts in the Vexika store too...

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