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Vexika Part 3

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Our web series starts here, thanks for watching:

Vexika Prologue Vexika Episode 1 Vexika Episode 2 Vexika Episode 3

Our millisecond of fame so far: Vexika was featured on's show Around the Net Co-Host Kevin Pereira says, "I've watched every episode (of the web series) btw, brilliant!" However, Candace Bailey doesn't understand it.

A Helpful Tip About Web Series Expectations

webseries picture

"Howdy, If you want to make, are making or made a web series - congratulations. We've experienced it firsthand now and from production to promotion, it's something.

To everyone else, a scripted web series (or webisodes) are typically very niche story telling to an extremely targeted audience. Often times (like almost all the time) a web series will be executed using unorthodox and/or below professional grade quality production values and receive limited viewership and success (we see many with less than 300 total views).

If it were done by industry professionals - it wouldn't be a webseries. It would be promoted as (along with) a typical tv show or movie that is specifically made for "direct to web" or something.

By no means does this mean or infer that these web series suck or are not entertaining, a few hit it out of the park. The fact that people were able to film, edit and upload a video with some sort of story (good or bad) to completion on a limited or no-budget production - is certainly a commendable accomplishment.

That being said, - many can be "unwatchable" for various reasons:

  1. Violating basic rules of editing or camera angles
  2. Terrible (non-existent) lighting effort
  3. Performances crossing from bad to cringe-worthy (this is subjective of course)
  4. Using an in-camera mic (echo echo echo)
  5. Nothing interesting at all (Could be plot, sexy, tragedy, oxymoron, aliens, etc...)

While we've worked hard to satiate most of the basics of a professional production in Vexika to our target audience, it is our aim to improve on each and every aspect of our web series development (story-telling/production value) throughout our show.

Web Series Production

We are a married couple making a sci-fi web series on the weekend for anyone that wants to watch (>10k Facebook fans so far). We can't afford a RED or ILM or a formal production crew, but you can watch us having a lot of fun. Which we do.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by!"

Dan & Miranda



What's Going On Right Now...

We might be in the market for an Arizona attorney soon. We'll see.

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All people, places and things in the Vexika Universe are fictitious.
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, places or things is purely coincidental.

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