Why is Vexika Craptacular at Releasing Episode Two?

 First: It’s coming.  We got this – srsly.

And if you like any one of: Science fiction/fact, medieval, DnD-esque, sexy-ness, and/or a little goofball-ity - Vexika is YOUR series.

Hot babe wants more cloned ninjas because she thinks they're HOTThat being said, we don’t make excuses.  It should have been up a week ago.  And we’re sorry to have enticed you (those that were enticed anyway) and then make you wait extra.

However, we HAVE released a new video every Monday (approximately) since the pilot was released.  So there’s certainly more than just the pilot to watch.  There’s also all the character pages you can check out if you haven’t already.

There’s also been daily discussions on the Vexika Facebook wall where Miranda and I are right there if you have a question or want to hate on us because you think we suck.There’s also been some amazing art created for Vexika - be sure to check out each artist.

We occasionally approach artists/video creators to see if they’d like to donate a drawing/video to give everyone a “Vexika fix” between episodes in return for promoting them to our growing fan base of nearly 10,000 on Facebook we’ve attracted.  (Plug alert: Those are just the ones that have officially “Liked” us and THANK YOU.)

Growing old waiting for the next episode of Vexika(Currently) That deal is open for anyone that wants to donate what they do to our Vexika web series project.  If you donate your creation or services we’ll do everything we can back - to help make YOU (even more) successful.  Okay, back to our excuses challenges…

When we announced our Vexika web series on 8/26/2010 we already had the first couple episodes completed and thought it’d be a breeze filming and compositing the rest of the season I had drawn up.  NO PROB!

Then, not to toot our own horn (toot toot) we starting getting lots of people “Liking” us on Facebook.  And when we passed like the 2k mark we were like, “Oh shit” people are actually going to watch this. Miranda telling Dan why Vexika episode 2 is taking so long So then we wanted to go back and beef up the pilot and film more shots to really flesh out what was written.

But we had already announced the start of the web series would be on 10/4/2010.  I’m a stickler for deadlines.  So we focused on getting the pilot released on 10/4.  And we did (with too many goofs I’ll be polishing up later).

So (looooooonnnnngggg story short) we are trying to complete the remaining shots for the season (the season is 80% totally completed btw and ready) and here’s a SMALL list of things we’re doing everyday:

  • Promote the series (plz suggest to a friend if you like us?)
  • Monetize the Vexika website better
  • Meet with our attorney to safely setup some more stuff
  • Setup the store better
  • Get items in the store
  • Finish our uber Donator Zone
  • Engage our audience on social sites
  • Worry about missing opportunities
  • Learn what we don’t know (If you see we’re stabbing ourselves in the eye with a sharp stick, plz let us know?)
  • Booth (including all the promotional type stuff for) at a few comic cons we guess
  • AND get the rest of the season out.
  • AND be together with one another after 5:30 PM M-F

I’m sure everyone has stopped reading by now and I’m just talking to myself.  That’s okay.  I’m fine with that.  So Dan, get all that stuff done k?  Preferrably from the bottom up…

Our best, Dan & Miranda
 Old guy doing pushups


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