Vexika and the Holidays of 2010

Look More Ninjas

It’s Thanksgiving & Christmas time and we feel fat, sluggish & (thankfully) stuffed to the gills.

To do a production like we’re doing, it almost comes to a point where you either choose to do it for fun or choose to do it as a business.

There’s a lot of cool things we’ll be doing in 2011:

And although I enjoy each one of these “departments” of producing the web series – I could use 5 more of me all working together (Don’t I have some clones around here?)
But as a result of doing and enjoying each one myself, it may seem to some that we’re going at a snail’s pace.

However, it’s just the opposite behind the Vexika curtain; everyday there’s something new getting done:

  • Optimizing on-site ads and marketing
  • Figuring out and testing different items for what our audience would like to buy
  • Video content
  • Artwork content
  • Talking & networking with people over the interwebs on the fb and tweeter
  • Getting the next “Main Story” part out – etc…

And now we’re all nervous about the AZ Comic Con, but excited at the same time. I mean, what if no one likes us there? That whole fear of failure/rejection and looking for validation and approval thing again, aw shucks pappy.

You’d think after years of owning a business I started from scratch that grew to employ over 5k people over 12 years and all the business relationships and experience that that would entail – that it wouldn’t matter to me if we were ignored or passed by or that I’d delegate better with this.

But you know, this project started off as such a personal project for Miranda and I that had no real aspirations in the beginning of ANYONE ever seeing this – that yeah, it’s hard to not take that stuff personally. We have to remind ourselves that everytime someone hates on us, ignores us, makes fun of our kung-fu (relatively miniscule amount, but still) – that we’re doing this for fun primarily.

We have an eye on the business side of it – I mean, I love the business side too. It’s just again – where’s my clones at?

Vexika Ninja Clones

So if you made it this far, sorry about all that. We borrowed a Canon 7D and uber lens to do a photo session this weekend for new artwork. Maybe we’ll do some pickup shots/video too.

All our best, Dan & Miranda

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