Vexika 2010 Art Contest Winners – Draw Vexika

We really feel honored by the entries to the 2010 Vexika Art Contest – Character: Vexika. There can be only 3 official winners, but everyone deserves an applause:

  • Marco A. Shatter
  • Allen Robinson
  • Jack Leehal
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Andre Coelho
  • Michael Lane
  • Brian Porche

As Update List subscribers found out this morning, the results:

Vexika Art Contest Winners

Fan Favorite winner: Brian Porche with a total of 33 unique likes, likes on likes and positive comments. Just edging out Allen Robinson’s awesome piece at 27.   More of Brian Porche’s work can be found here.Vexika - By Brian Porche - 2010 Art Contest Entry

Miranda’s Pick: Michael Lane – “I loved it! The likeness and ninjas laying on the ground. AND it’s something I’d say!” More of Michael Lane’s work can be found here.Vexika By Michael Lane - 2010 Art Contest Entry

Dan’s Pick: Andre Coelho – Like someone commented, “This is badassery…” Andre really captured the entire trailer in his design. The look and sexy of Vexika. The ninjas. FR#0 in the background. Pure awesome. More of Andre Coelho’s work can be found here.

Vexika By Andre Coelho - 2010 Art Contest

Andre sent over the hi-res BW version too and we may get that professionally colored if we can afford it. (Anyone is welcome to take a stab at it

(We cleaned up our logo with our official one on the winning pieces.)

The winners artwork as well as links to their respective portfolios will be linked from (the much traffic’d) Vexika Character Page.  They are rotated randomly in that spot using a “rand” php function (tmi?).

Thank you again for all your work.  This is definitely not our last Art Contest.  Our next one will be for TCNA That should be fun!

Vexika - The Cloned Ninja Army Logo

Best, Dan & Miranda

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My wife and I make a web series called Vexika.
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