Vexika Pilot Status

The Pilot, “Get Her” is almost ready!  We’re still on target for Monday 10/4/10.

It weighed in at around 9 minutes.  And in “Internet web series time” where a good rule-of-thumb is 3 minutes = 1 hour of normal TV programming – that was an eternity. There’s just too many distractions on your desktop monitor (email, IM, forums, chat, FB, Twitter, etc…) for content targeted for you to watch while on your computer imo.

Vexika Ninja Clones From Pilot

I blame the ninja on the right...

Which we knew would happen but just kind of ignored as we were putting it together.  It’s not called an, “Organic” web series for nothing.  It grew from about a minute and a half to the 9 minutes.

Fortunately, there are some perfect cliffhanger spots to break it up into the 3 parts.  It also gives the viewer time to reflect on each part until the next is released, if they’re so inclined.

And it goes without saying that the final 2 days will be spent massaging the first part and making it sizzle just a little more we hope.

Thanks for being a fan.  We like doing this when we have the time and think we can come up with some neat stories for you to watch when you’re bored.

Our best, Dan & Miranda

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