Art Contest – Character: Vexika

Vexika Art ContestOfficial Press Release:

What: Draw the character Vexika. We are going to rotate the winning entries on her character page for all to enjoy.

When: We will accept entries from now up to and including 10/2/2010. The winners will be announced any day of the following week (M- F). First through our Vexika Update List  (You’ve signed up for that right?  It’s our newsletter & it’s free…) – then published at within 24 hours later.

Guidelines: Draw Vexika (not Victoria Bloom – we want to see black latex!) in any situation. Sexy – Fighting – Exploring – Astronaut – Brain surgeon - You cannot get this wrong – any scene (or a simple character sketch) you draw is correct.

  • Sexy as you want, just no nudity.
  • You can collaborate with someone else. Just make sure we get all the names for credit.
  • One entry per person – even if you’re collaborating. Must be your original work. 
  • We will link every entry to their online webcomic/page/site/portfolio if they have one.

Medium: You can pencil it. Ink it. Color it. Watercolor it. Paint it. Use charcoal. Crayola it. Manga/Anime. Cartoon.  Stick figure.  Speech bubbles. Pinup.  Panels.  Whatever – anything goes.

Winners: There will be at least three winners. Fan Favorite. Dan’s Favorite. Miranda’s Favorite.

Prize: You may have noticed Vexika is not Spiderman – I mean, it’s Miranda and I frolicking around in front of a green screen as arch-enemies with spiffy special effects living out some strange, uh – right, anyway.

And while we appreciate all the love we’ve been getting from fans – we can’t afford to offer money - I’d end up putting on the show alone …in a van down by the river. *

But we can offer something even better: Visibility for you, the title of “Vexika Art Contest Winner” and professional credit.

As far as on-demand web entertainment goes, we’ve attracted a decent amount of fans either from the videos, gallery, the character’s bios or people just being bored – (several thousand on FB as of this writing) and that seems to be growing – and who knows who’s watching or will be in the future (or how many) and we’re going to publish YOUR piece on our site for all to see. This could give you your start or energize your already existing career, (web) comic, cartoon, etc… thousands will see your entry.  Or just submit an entry for fun – sometimes those are the best!

Wise ManA wise man once said something to the effect of, “To be successful yourself – you must find ways to help others be successful before you.” So that’s what we’ll try to do here with the contests we have.

How to Enter: Email “artcontest (the at sign)” your work in jpg format as an attachment. Keep it under 5 megs or so please. Along with your name (or what you want to be known as) and what link (if any) you want us to link to. We will then post your entry in our gallery and share it on our FB page wall for comments and traffic to YOUR site/comic/cartoon/portfolio.

NotepadJudging: There will be one “Fan Favorite” winner everyone votes on through commenting. Miranda and I will tabulate these votes/comments for quantity and quality (disregarding anyone we think is spamming) and you agree that our decision on who won the fan-favorite is final. (I must reiterate how huge the visibility could be for every entry) Miranda and I will pick our favorites and start narrowing them down.

This is important: Notice we’re saying, “Favorite” not “Best”. We will be humbled and happy if just one person submits their work – but just like most contests – this is subjective to our respective tastes.

Special note: If the fan-favorite or our individual choices are too close to call – the winner will be the one that submitted earliest.

If I’ve missed something (which I probably have) or you need more clarification, please post in the comment section of this post because I’m sure someone else has the same question.

Okay, have at it.

Dan & Miranda

* 1993 SNL Chris Farley as Matt Foley

Disclaimer stuff: Void where prohibited by state and local laws. This contest is not affiliated with and has nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter or any other company. You give us permission to use your entry in any way. We reserve the right to change anything about the contest at any time without warning.

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My wife and I make a web series called Vexika.
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  1. Dan says:

    Oh btw – the artwork will be rotated in that spot indefinitely. Or until we have another contest for that spot. Then we’ll still keep it available in the archives. Good luck!

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