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Vexika Part 3

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Vexika Press Release distributed on PRWeb:

New Futuristic Thriller "Vexika" Aims To Ignite Relationships.

Keeping Their Relationship Passionate and Exciting, Married Couple Teams Up on Web Action-Adventure for All to See.


GILBERT, AZ (August 26, 2010) - "Vexika" a futuristic SciFi reality web series, was created by a husband and wife looking for a fun and creative way to keep their marriage passionate and adventurous while pushing the limits of what a close working couple can accomplish on the weekends, without killing each other.

  • Vexika Season 1 Poster

Vexika™ follows Victoria Bloom, an ambitious Channel 4 TV reporter who loves playing games on her console, is secretly engaged to her cameraman and is also DARPA's only successful experimental nanoid-hybrid biological cyber-enhanced supersoldier. She must hunt down the deranged failed rejects of the project every month to feed her fatal nanoid adrenaline build up.

Vexika™ 2010 Season 1 - Trailer

Personal home videos are incorporated around each storyline with their ultimate goal being the creation of a "...realistic, inimitable and sometimes steamy" show that is watchable in one or two minute Internet-paced "micro-sodes", showing how one couple is keeping their relationship exciting and new. "Last year's wedding anniversary was at the Grand Canyon, so that's where the first half of Vexika™ Season One takes place."

  • Miranda Stewart

The role of Victoria Bloom (aka Vexika) is played by Miranda Stewart. You may have seen her diligently working Monday through Friday in her exciting HR position while taking an occasional college class to further her education as well as coordinating dinners at home. "One of the best things about doing this, is that it motivates me to stay in shape and plan better meals because we're on camera. When my husband suggests pizza, I tell him I have to keep in shape!"

The rest of the cast of Vexika characters, as well as writing, directing and post production work, are performed by her husband Dan Stewart. He describes the pace of the show as trying to, "...blow your face off - two minutes at a time."

Dan employed thousands between 1996 and 2008 before the poor economy helped sink his business - consequently giving him the opportunity to professionally pursue his first love of film, illustration and graphic design full-time.

"We're just like the millions of other couples out there struggling or holding off starting a family in this economy while trying to keep our relationship close. You get consumed only focusing on making ends meet. We thought this would be a great way to come together and keep things lively and maybe even spark others to discover and share their own ways of keeping things fun in their relationship too."

Half the show is in the making (or surviving) of it. Have a look at Vexika™ Behind The Scenes 1.

Dan and Miranda Stewart

"We'll pursue other media avenues and do a bigger production or maybe a comic book series with Vexika one day - but for right now, we're having a blast."

"Vexika" will premiere worldwide in HD on October 4th, 2010 and will be initially distributed in an episodic free online web series format at

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Media inquiries please use the contact form.


Dan Stewart

  • Dan Stewart

In 1993, Dan Stewart had to make the extremely hard decision of either pursuing his art career or business. Dan eventually chose the latter and opened a small marketing firm in Glendale, AZ in 1997.

Dan's companies grew to employ over 5,000 over 12 years in Glendale and Mesa Arizona and averaged between one and two million dollars in sales annually.

As a young lad, Dan Stewart grew up in the Chateau Estates trailer park in Novi, Michigan where he would drive neighbors mad playing his alto saxophone as well as constantly drawing his favorite comic book characters (Iron Man/Thor/Dr. Doom) while going door to door shoveling snow in the winter asking for 25 cents but always receiving at least $2.

Transplanted to Arizona at the age of 15, his current hometown is Gilbert, Arizona.

Whos Who in Comic Book Publishers: guide For Creative Talent

In 1995 he published, "The Who's Who in Comic Book Publishers: Guide For Creative Talent" (ISBN 0-9648654-0-8) from Phoenix, AZ and traveled to comic conventions across the country doing book promotions while simultaneously pursuing an art career.

After 12 years of running weekly payrolls while managing and motivating a 50 member sales force on a daily basis, it was time for Dan Stewart to change course in life once again.

At the age of 36 with the economy in recession and newly married, he liquidated his business to focus on more creative endeavors. Being adept at programming and seeing a need he wrote and developed, The STATSeriser which eventually lead to his discovery of his superb talent at dynamic video compositing, directing and special effects.

Wanting to pursue a creative activity on the weekends together with his wife - "Vexika - An Original Sci-Fi Web Series" was born.

Since it's launch in August of 2010, "Vexika" has a growing fanbase of over 10,000 Facebook fans, exhibited at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con as well as promoted numerous artists projects and commisions who have honored the show their amazing artwork/writing/videos.


I'm still waiting on Miranda to finish her bio for the website... hon?

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